Monday, July 21, 2008

2 Silver Snoopy Pins Flown on Apollo 9 & 11 and 3 Turtle Pins Flown on Apollo 7

I bought these 2 Silver Snoopy pins and the 3 turtle pins from the family of a woman who was a liason secretary at North American Aviation from 1961-1976. This woman was presented Silver Snoopy awards for her work on Apollo 9 and Apollo 11 missions. The 3 turtle pins were flown on the Apollo 7 mission by Wally Schirra and it comes with a note from Wally thanking this woman for all of her hard work in making the Apollo 7 a success. Wally was a long time Turtle, he was proud to be a high potentate Turtle and flew these 3 turtles for this secretary.

I bought this collection over a 4 month period from the family and these were in the last grouping of pieces I obtained. Along with these 5 pins, were also a large pile of notes, papers, negatives, vintage resins with flown material in them and lots more. When I developed the negatives, there was a beautiful photo of the Apollo 9 crew presenting this woman with her Silver Snoopy award. The Silver Snoopy is given to civilian workers that have made a significant contribution towards the success of that particular mission and it is a huge honor for an aerospace worker to receive one.
Normally there is only 1 Silver Snoopy awarded to an individual, but the family told me that they were in attendance at both the Apollo 9 and Apollo 11 presentations, that were held in the executive offices at North American Aviation, where they met both crews. Hopefully they'll find the photo of this woman with the Apollo 11 crew, receiving her Silver Snoopy.

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