Monday, July 21, 2008

Neil Armstrongs InFlight Garment Trousers Used During the Training for Apollo 11

Here is one of 3 pairs of "Inflight Coverall Trousers" that were made for Neil Armstrong. These are the pants that Neil used during his training for Apollo 11 and the set of inflight garments consisted of a lightweight long sleeve jacket, these pants and a pair of booties. They're made of a ripstop nylon material, that is softer than beta cloth, very comfortable to wear and they were worn when not in their A7L/B EVA suits.

After speaking with the Smithsonian curator of space suits Amanda Young, she confirmed that they are indeed the pants made for Neil Armstrong and they are the earliest serial number Apollo inflight garments known to exist. Previously Walt Cunningham's set was the earliest serial number known and that his set is SN-1005.

The set of inflight garments that Neil wore on the moon, serial number 1038, are in the Smithsonians collection. I purchased this set of pants from the family of the woman who was in charge of cleaning and repairing all of the EVA spacesuits and inflight garments for the Gemini, Apollo and early shuttle astronauts.

My son Dylan wore these pants to school for career day, along with a flight helmet, so he could impress all the 1st grade girls that he was going to be an astronaut. I let him wear the pants for about 1 hour, then I took them home. He asked me why he couldn't keep them on all day, so I told him that he was wearing a years worth of his college fund and if he destroyed them, he'd be going to plumbing school, instead of Princeton or Stanford.

Whenever I do school presentations, these pants are the one thing that every kid wants to touch and it's very funny when I have the teacher put them on in front of the class.

Notarized letter from the family on file.

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