Friday, August 1, 2008

Apollo 14 Flown Franklin Mint Coin # 70 of 200

Here is a very rare coin that was flown on the Apollo 14 mission in the Apollo command module.

The story goes that a dealer approached Alan Shepard about carrying 200 of these large Franklin Mint silver coins to the moon on Apollo 14 and in return, the crew would split 125 of the coins, with 25 going to the dealer and 50 going back to Franklin Mint. So Franklin Mint produced these 200 large silver coins, gave them to the dealer who gave them to Alan Shepard, who packed them away in the Apollo command module.

Upon returning from the moon, only 24 of these coins were returned to Franklin Mint, from which they melted and combined other silver to make the small Franklin Mint Apollo 14 Eyewitness coins on the blue cards, frequently seen selling for $10-30.

The dealer who set up the deal with Alan Shepard got his 25 coins, 1 coin went to a Texas museum and the rest of the 150 coins were split between the crew. This coin was given by Dr. Ed Mitchell to a friend of his and I'm having Dr. Mitchell write me a COA on it.


Anonymous said...

hey ray, i got it from hope this helps

Sarah said...

Did you ever get Edgar to do the coa?