Friday, August 1, 2008

Gemini 8 Heatshield 4" w/paperwork

This is a 4" round section of the Gemini 8 heatshield. This piece, like all the other round sections I've seen, has a hole drilled in the center of it, almost like a coring saw that's used to cut holes for door knobs. These 4" round sections are the largest pieces I've seen from the GT-8 mission and at the San Diego Aerospace Museum, there is the opposite side trim piece of a cutout like this that matches perfectly.

I obtained this beautiful piece from the grandson of an MOL project manager, along with a mint condition Topping MOL model, 4 vintage Zippo lighters from the space program, all of this managers paperwork, awards, photos and commendations. This also comes with a very nice vintage hand written letter explaining the provenance of this piece, by the MOL manager. This heatshield was in a sealed bag from the 1960's and opened by me in 2005 after purchasing it. Notarized letter on file.

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