Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Apollo 11 Vintage Resin w/3 Flown Pieces

This is an unusual vintage resin piece from Apollo 11 that has 3 flown pieces embedded in it. The 3 pieces in this resin are Kapton foil, 1/2 of a cut ablator electric plug and a bolt that were all flown on the Apollo 11 command module. This resin has the most detail I've ever seen from an early 1970 made piece, it's beautifully done and it's in spectacular condition.

The real unusual thing about this resin are the details on the surface of it and that it has 3 flown pieces in it. Lastly, the nose cone was poured after the rest of the piece was finished, whereas most other similar resin pieces were left flat for a viewing window or tapered in a 1 piece pour into the mold. There were 5 separate pours necessary to make this resin and whoever made it, did a brilliant job creating it.


Mikadean said...

Do you know if these Vintage Resin's capsules are for sale ?

Hornet crewmember 1967-1970 Decom
Apollo 11 & 12

ray said...


I don't sell any of my space artifacts, however, if you're looking for something in particular, please email me at spacecrazy@verizon.net